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This little known plant has miraculous effects against cancer

This little known plant has miraculous effects against cancer

Dandelion root anti cancer. The Dandelion roots plant hat scientists found to have extraordinary qualities against cancer. A recent study from the University of Windsor in Canada, dandelion roots are much more effective than chemotherapy. Explanations.

A Fantastic food
It is quite common to link between cancer and chemotherapy, or between drugs and leukemia. In addition to sometimes end badly, these serious diseases bring an atmosphere of sadness and a fragile state of mind when they are supported by medicine. What would happen if advised to drink an infusion to treat leukemia, breast tumor or prostate?

A recent study by the University of Windsor in Canada demonstrated cytotoxic effects of dandelion root extract on the three aforementioned diseases. This extract would kill up to 96% of leukemia cells myelomonocytic chonique (CSA) just 48 hours after assimilation. It is thanks to Caroline Hamm all started. Caroline is an oncologist who cared for an elderly patient with a CSA. She practiced her conventional chemotherapy without much result.

Continuing its sessions, the patient began to drink tea with dandelion roots in the waiting room, as some have coffee or read a magazine. Since that day, Dr. Hamm has noted, while unexplained, a health was improving for his patient, but also for another patient who had advised the first drink. Both patients then refused to go further with chemotherapy.

The oncologist then informed biochemist Siyaram Pandey, professor at the University of Windsor in Canada, this healing. Taking the matter seriously, it undertakes research, aided by his students.

After tests on blood cells from different patients, with freshly plucked dandelion roots in nearby meadows, the Canadian scientist said they had an important healing potential and profitable alternative to chemotherapy.

Siyaram Pandey admits: "root extract killed the cells very selectively. Healthy cells were not killed, while cancer cells yes."

Dandelion tea acts rapidly on certain cancer cells, affecting in such a way that they disintegrate within 48 hours, allowing healthy new cells to form in the body. Dandelion roots are used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Time will tell if these natural alternatives practices are fair, at the expense of large pharmaceutical companies and Western practices.

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Curcuma Destroys Cancer Cells

Curcuma Destroys Cancer Cells
The turmeric, ginkgo, yew, aloes, Spirulina and other some plants are rich in anti cancer active ingredients. They know, but they are used in chemotherapy, in addition to conventional treatments, and help prevent the onset of disease. 

The turmeric (Curcuma longa) limits the proliferation of cancer cells. This yellow pigment derived from the roots of Curcuma plant native to southern Asia is often used as a spice. It is antioxidant, antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory.

"Turmeric has great potential anti-cancer. It blocks the formation of new blood vessels that develop to nourish the tumor and thus cause them to die," says Dr Luc Bodin, physician specializing in clinical oncology. "But blocking blood vessels, it can also interfere with the action of anticancer treatments, which is why he uses that apart from chemotherapy."

Against what types of cancers take turmeric? All types of cancer. In practice: to take preventive and during the maintenance phase of cancer referred as capsules or sprinkle directly on food 3-4 times weekly outside of periods of chemotherapy.

Precautions: Pregnant women and people with gallstones . Seek advice from a physician before starting a cure.

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HIV AIDS Herbal Treatment

HIV AIDS Herbal Treatment
The tips in this chapter are based on knowledge gained by people living with HIV / AIDS in terms of remedies and herbal treatments. The authors of this chapter does not claim to have the technical competence to endorse their therapeutic efficacy. Health and nutrition, many communities have their own knowledge based on local traditions and culture. It is important to understand and be sensitive to these popular beliefs and the many types of traditional care available. They represent an alternative to traditional general practice and will be the only option for many people. All external medical recommendations that people receive will be compared to their cultural practices and the recommendations of their traditional healers. People will only take action if the recommendations they receive appear to make sense to them and bring them something.

Some traditional food beliefs and practices may be unnecessary. It is important to understand local practices and explain to people living with HIV / AIDS and to traditional healers when and why such practices should be avoided. Nevertheless, the good traditional practices that provide readily accessible remedies, effective and cheap to be identified and promoted.

Traditional treatments: approaches to promote locally
Traditional treatments differ greatly from one region to another and are often very specific to a location. Therefore, locally recognized and available treatments should be considered and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. Information can be obtained in clinics, health centers and support organizations and local information of HIV / AIDS. In some countries, associations of traditional healers may also have additional information.

The treatment of the disease often generates frustration among people with HIV / AIDS. People with HIV / AIDS often have many questions about the treatment of the disease.

HIV / AIDS is a new disease, so far it has not been proven that traditional medicines can treat HIV and cure AIDS. However, some traditional medicines can help treat many symptoms of opportunistic infections that are a consequence of AIDS. While some of these drugs can certainly be helpful, others can be dangerous because they can do more harm than good. They can be expensive and jeopardize further the family budget including the food budget. They can also lead to discarding of certain foods. So it is always recommended to discuss treatments with a health worker or nutritionist and avoid any treatment or practice such as fasting, which could possibly reduce food intake and cause weight loss.

Herbs and spices
Herbs and spices can aid digestion, stimulate appetite and preserve foods. A list of these herbs and their benefits from people living with HIV / AIDS is given in the table below against. They will not have the same effect on everyone. People can try these herbs and decide for themselves whether they help or not. They can also learn about other remedies used in their country and they want to add.

Remember that herbs and spices should be used only in moderate amounts. Too much can cause problems and have toxic effects; moreover, the function of the herbs and spices will not be increased. They can not replace healthy food or a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet.

Profits of some people living with HIV / AIDS
Helps relieve constipation
The use as extract; boil and drink the concoction. Must be used in small amounts, stop immediately if cramps or diarrhea occur
Helps relieve nausea and helps digestion; has an antiseptic function sore mouth
Add to food to treat nausea and digestive problems. Use as a gargle for sore mouth
The flowers have an antiseptic function, anti-inflammatory and healing.Aune effect on infections of the upper digestive tract
Use compresses to treat infected wounds.Herbal tea, to promote digestion
Facilitates digestion, relieves pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and acts on loss of appetite
Add to food during cooking or prepare tea
Stimulates appetite, helps fight against infection, heals ulcers and intestinal inflammation
Add a pinch of raw and cooked foods. For an energy drink, add fruit or water juice
Aids digestion and relieves nausea
Prepare a tea with the leaves and flowers and drink several cups a day
Effective against colds and when tired after a flu or a cold. Also used when the person is cold, in case of diarrhea and nausea. Stimulates appetite. gently stimulates the digestive system, promotes intestinal transit
To be added to food or herbal tea, especially the cinnamon tea ginger for pneumonia or tuberculosis (see recipe Annex 1)
Stimulates the appetite, aid digestive problems, relieves diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
Used in soups, stews, hot fruit juices and herbal teas
The appetite and reduces flatulence, has bactericidal and antifungal properties
Add leaves in dishes
Aune antibacterial function, particularly the lungs and in cases of bronchitis. Eucalyptus oil obtained from the leaves, increases blood flow and reduces the symptoms of inflammation
Prepare a tea from the leaves or extract (see recipe Annex 1)
The appetite, combat flatulence and expel gas
The use as a spice on food or use the seeds to make herbal tea. Only use it in small quantities
Aune antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, in particular at the level of the intestinal tract, lung and vagina. Aids digestion and reduces the feeling of weakness. Good also against thrush, throat infections, herpes and diarrhea
Herbal tea or energy drink (see recipe Annex 1) or in the kitchen
Improves digestion, energizes, relieves diarrhea and stimulates appetite.Used for the treatment of colds, flu and nausea
Use either as a spice in food or tea (see recipe Annex 1)
A anti-bacterial properties and facilitates digestion
Add lemon juice in food or drinks
Has a calming effect, soothes digestion and soothes the stress
Drink herbal tea
Has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps digestion
Drink herbal tea or gargle for sore mouth.Chew mint leaves to aid digestion
Drops the temperature
Take a fresh neem twig, remove the leaves and boil the bark in water, drinking tea. The bark can also be chewed
Reduces intestinal colic. Stimulates gastric secretions and stimulates the appetite. The seeds are used in the case of water retention
Eating raw or cooked with food
Pepper mint
Acts against nausea. Reduces colic (abdominal pain and cramps), acts on the diarrhea and vomiting stops. Used to relieve tension and against insomnia
In infusion, boil the leaves about 10 minutes.In addition to the dishes. (It is easy to grow this plant in the garden or in a pot near the house)
Aune antiseptic and antifungal function. Relieves nervous coughing and increases mucosal secretions. Stimulates digestion and the development of good intestinal flora
As a gargle or mouthwash, by douching or infusion (particularly effective in the gut)
A digestive, antiseptic and antioxidant properties
Powder used in rice, cereals, etc.

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The Feverfew

The Feverfew
The Feverfew, pyrethrum or gold, is used for a long time to fight against headaches, lack of menstruation or rheumatic pain. It is again used regularly since the 1970s.

Grand camomileScientific name: Tanacetum parthenium

Common names: feverfew, pyrethrum golden pyrethrum foam partenelle, Feverfew

English names: feverfew , bachelor's buttons , featherfew

Botanical classification: Asteraceae ( Asteraceae )

Forms and preparations: fresh leaves, dried leaves, tablets, capsules, tinctures, extracts, capsules dry extract, tincture, teas

Medicinal properties of feverfew
Antimigraineuse, analgesic (including painful menstruation), anti-inflammatory, regulating activity of the nervous system.

No external use.

Prevention and treatment of people with migraines (migraine on dystonic field catamenial migraine, migraine due to mental fatigue), painful periods, essential neuralgia.

-Relieves rheumatic pains.
-Botanical description of feverfew
-Feverfew is a perennial herb; its flowers are yellow and white, clustered in umbels, and resemble daisies. Stiff stem can reach 50 to 70 cm high. The fruit is an achene. It gives off a slight smell of camphor.

Composition of feverfew

In herbal medicine is used aerial flowering tops and fresh leaves.

Sesquiterpene lactones (parthenolide), camphor essential oil, flavonoids, melatonin.

For real results, treatment should last at least three months. The infusions are possible despite an unpleasant taste; it is recommended that 2.5 to 5 g of dried flowers for herbal tea.

fresh leaves in migraine prevention: chew 2 to 3 leaf per day.

dried leaves, capsules or whole: chew from 125 to 250 mg or mix with a yoghurt.

Tablets or capsules of dried leaves from 125 to 250 mg per day.

Precautions feverfew
Feverfew should not be confused with the German Chamomile or Roman Chamomile who do not have the same properties.

Feverfew is against-indicated for pregnant women. It is also prohibited for people allergic to plants of the Asteraceae (like daisy, dandelion)

Feverfew consumption can, in rare cases, cause mild digestive disorders. In continuous use, the act of chewing the leaves can cause small mouth ulcers.

Feverfew has antiplatelet effects; must not consume it with plants or supplements with anticoagulant or antiplatelet actions.

Feverfew should not be consumed along with anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs. Do not mix feverfew and anti-inflammatory drugs. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if in doubt.

The surviving story of Barry Stein, a remarkable man!

The surviving story of Barry Stein, a remarkable man!

My name is Barry Stein and this is my story as a cancer survivor. In 1995, I was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer stage IV. Few of us, cancer survivors can forget what we feel when we announced the cancer diagnosis. I remember the effect it made me like it was yesterday. I was crushed by the news. I felt a surge of emotion and I suddenly began to panic. I started to sweat. I felt bombarded with information, launched faster than I could understand. I felt angry and I am sorry for myself. I wondered why this was happening to me and if I would have the opportunity to see grow my young family. I tried to digest the fact that my life was suddenly threatened by a disease that invaded me slyly, without symptoms. I thought doctors were probably wrong. I felt absolutely normal. They had certainly made a mistake.

I knew virtually nothing about cancer, but I had preconceived ideas. I associated the word cancer with death. Still, when the doctor told me the cancer had spread to my liver and my colon I had thirty percent chance of surviving five years, I could not accept it. I knew I had to fight. I wanted to do everything possible to improve my situation, but I had no experience in this field and I understood very little of the information that was provided to me. I was determined to do all possible research to be able to make informed decisions about my treatment. If I had been more aware of this disease, and I would be me tested for colon cancer in time, I could have avoided years of treatments, surgeries and pain and suffering for me and my family. Fortunately, after much hard work and quite scary moments, things have turned out well. I even saw my three children to marry in exceptional individuals and I now have two beautiful grandchildren.

My determination was a very important first step in my experience with cancer. Whatever the emotion you may feel after a diagnosis of cancer, it is likely that eventually you will face the reality of the situation and you decide how you will fight. I now know that cancer colorectal is preventable, treatable and curable. That is why I have devoted my life since 1995; to make others aware of the disease, to support patients and their families, and to advocate for screening programs for colorectal cancer in Canada, as well as equal and timely access to effective treatments to improve patient outcomes. I am the president of the Canadian Colorectal Cancer Association and we are here to increase awareness of colorectal cancer by demonstrating the importance of screening. It is not obliged to be sentenced to death. We can make a difference together. Support us so we can support you! 

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The scourge of the XXI century: the survivors

The scourge of the XXI century: the survivors
Take Pierre Gagnon.  Pierre is one of those men (Photo: François Roy, La Presse)
Pierre is one of those men who go through life pedaling, jogging and eating healthy foods. No Smoking, Amateur red wine. Then one day, seven years ago, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage 3. Yes, if you smoke, you risk lung cancer. The link is clear. But we do not know what causes most cancers. What pushes a cell to become insane, to multiply uncontrollably and turn into a crab. Every year in Quebec, 45,000 Quebecers are affected by a cancer diagnosis; 20,000 die. Since 2006, cancer is the leading cause of death in the country.

In short, agonizing lottery. But there is still more distressing. There Lottery healing. Take Pierre Gagnon. Pierre is one of those men who go through life pedaling, jogging and eating healthy foods. No Smoking, Amateur red wine. Then one day, seven years ago, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage 3.

What causes colon cancer? We do not know. What is known is that it is one of the deadliest cancers: second cause of cancer death in Canada. survival rate after five years: 62%. Better than for pancreatic cancer (6%) and esophagus (14%), poorer than in the case of thyroid cancer (98%) and testes (96%).

It was Pierre me summary lottery chemotherapy when I asked him why, in his opinion, he had beaten cancer. Jogging, Peter? All-Bran?

Peter's answer, I fear, will disappoint you: "Luck."

A cell luck, if you want. It is 5-FU or fluorouracil, who saved him. 5-FU, once metabolized, stops (I summarize excessive here) mitosis (cell reproduction), murdering suddenly whack the cells that cause cancer. But, sometimes, the cancer cells thwart chemotherapy. Pierre Gagnon talks about luck. Me too. I know that scientists do not like the word "luck". But there is a mystery in the resistance - or not - of cancer cells to chemotherapy.

This mystery is summarized well in metastasis, truths about cancer of French cancer Laurent Schwartz: "Cancer cells are malignant in both senses of the word. Attacked, they quickly find new parades, develop various resistances to other disposal techniques. "

But for Peter, that's clear. Its survival, he has a cell lucky shot. 5-FU was able to kill his evil: "In my case, the chemistry worked. Science has worked. That's all." I hear you! I can hear you scream that attitude changes everything, that positivism can move mountains (and tumors). Lance Armstrong, as Saku Koivu wanted them, and they have beaten cancer.

Perhaps. But science, she says the opposite. She says that positivism probably alter the outcome of the battle. Josée Savard, professor of psychology and researcher in psycho-oncology at Laval University, said even that positivism, for cancer patients, can become a tyranny. Better to adopt realistic thinking to avoid sinking deeper into depression (1).

Obviously, to sing the virtues of positivism against cancer, we hear only the survivors. Those who are dead are not here to say that they, too, during the battle, they were positive to the bone. Its six months of chemo, Pierre pulled a book that is full of humor and humanity: 5-FU. Page 34: "CANCER I typed on my computer keyboard, then I responded. I learned that I am in grade 3 disease, which has four. I also found the 10 most common clichés, including this one: "A positive mind and constructive thinking can cure cancer." I closed my ordino. This week alone, at least 10 people have told me this statement, believing it hard as iron. "

At the lottery healing, Pierre Gagnon has drawn the correct number: Poison 5-FU has interacted with his body. Sometimes this is not the case: the patient's DNA does not metabolize the poison. Cancer cells continue their deleterious ride.

"There continues Pierre, thousands of examples of guys like eating well and that chemistry did not work. And thousands of smokers, pizza eaters, for which it worked"

Pierre Gagnon attributes his survival to luck, period. Do not talk to him even courage. In 5-FU, he describes himself as a coward. In an interview, he said that courage, he found the third floor of the CHUL in Quebec City. Upstairs children with cancer. This is the third floor, I think, he designed genocidal desires to proponents of "Total Biology" zozos those who say that your cancer is the result of a problem, for example, in the early childhood.

"I think Juliet standing in the park, in the third. Very small. Full radiotherapy marks. She did what she, for cancer? She was mean to his mother? "

Pierre did not know, but he played, somehow, my original anxiety about crab.

"You know, Peter, colon cancer, is what killed my father.

- How old was he?

- 54 years.

- Will you go have a colonoscopy?

- I just ... 38 years

- I had 43.

- ...

- You should go."